Hello, I'm Adem.

Crafting Quality Code.

A Paris-based freelance software engineer with expertise in web development and machine learning.

Interested in collaborating? Don't hesitate to reach out via email! Contact me.

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Core Competencies

An overview of my skillset.

Software Engineering

Expertise in software architecture design, crafting tailored technical solutions, and seamless deployment.

Machine Learning

Proficient in data acquisition, data preprocessing, model training, and deploying inference models.

Technical Leadership

Adept at informed decision-making, efficient project management, quality assurance, and performance optimization.

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Featured Articles

A curated selection of my thought-provoking articles.

Git flow workflow simply explained

What is git flow and how to implement in your projects ? That's what I'm talking about in this article !

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How to deploy your FastAPI application on AWS Lambda with Serverless

FastAPI is a great python framework that allows you to create a REST API easily. How to deploy that application on AWS Lambda ? That's the purpose of this tutorial !

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